All About Reconstituted Wood Products

Wood comes to us in the form of various species of trees, each having their own desirable characteristics depending on where they grow throughout the world.

Wood is comparatively weak perpendicular to the grain in both tension and compression. Dimensional change is greater at right-angles to the grain than parallel to it. You can check out our websites we specialise in wood and red oak lumber.


Furniture in general are expected to be functionally sound, fit for its intended, pleasant purpose in view, strong enough to withstand the loads applied during the entire life, able to adapt to changes in environmental conditions, affordable and reasonably transportable.

Except for a few items you turned or carved, very few pieces of furniture are able to meet these criteria when formed from a single piece of wood. For example, the most beautiful wood chips are frequently less stable, less strong and more rare and expensive.

Hence, over the centuries a seemingly bewildering variety of methods of joining pieces of wood together has evolved in an attempt to optimize the production and performance of wooden structures. New and more complex forms of wood products are constantly being developed and with them new ways of joining pieces together.

In solid wood composites, often referred to as particle boards, particles, chips, flakes, chips and other small size wood are re-set adhesively bonded resin. These materials are classified by particle type, adhesive type, density, and strength.

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