How to Start Scuba Diving For Juniors

The PADI Seal Team Program is intended for young drivers that are prepared to experience breathing under water. Aqua Missions is a part of the Program that guides the young scuba diver through action packed fun-dives in which they know the fundamental skills of scuba diving at the secure environment of a swimming pool.

All these Aqua Missions are conducted and supervised by certified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors (OWSI). The OWSI guides the children (also known as PADI seals) patiently through fundamental skills such as underwater mask clearing, regulator recovery, and many buoyancy control skills.

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However, the Missions do not stop there. Through these Aqua Missions that the PADI Seals also learn fundamental navigation, the way to take care of underwater lighting and gain awareness about underwater photographs.

After achieving The initial five assignments, children can move on into the next area of the app at which the young diver reinforce the abilities of this initial area and learn more Skills that can prepare them in an enjoyable way towards their complete Junior Open Water certificate (minimum age for JOWD is 10 years). 

The PADI Seals hit That the Master Seal Team Member-Status after finishing 10 additional Particular Missions. While moving through the Complete app the Kids know all Skills Necessary for your PADI Junior Open Water certification.